Find the right English language learning experience for every student in the UK

The UK offers an unrivalled variety of English language courses with quality assured English language centres located all across the UK in different cities and towns, coastal locations and the countryside. There are thousands of courses available, for students with general or specific English language learning goals. Students of all ages will find a teaching centre that can give them a unique, enjoyable experience studying and living in the UK.

Course options

There is a wide variety of English language courses available in the UK: from General English and exam preparation courses, to junior summer programmes and mini-stay courses to specialist programmes for professionals and mature learners.

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Provider types

Different types of providers offer different study experiences. Students can study at a specialist English language school, summer centre, boarding school, further education college, university or in an English language teacher’s home.

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Accommodation options

Student accommodation is inspected as part of the accreditation criteria, so students studying an accredited centre can trust that their accommodation will be comfortable, safe and welcoming.

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I can keep practising my English language and improving my conversation skills. I can meet new people every week from different parts of the world. The best part is that I can learn without caring about making mistakes and I feel myself in a safe place.

Ray from Mexico took virtual English lessons with a UK language school

These two weeks for me were so good. I want to come back here next year. If I can, I would stay here for one month or all year! I found here a lot of new friends. I have never cried so much when I am leaving. I love this place so much, it is forever in my heart.

Sofia from Ukraine studied English in Hastings

Studying in the UK during the Covid pandemic is OK, it’s not very hard. And now we have the habit to wear the mask and talk at a certain distance, so it’s OK. From Monday we will go inside restaurants and pubs! So, it’s very great to be in England now. It’s good to just talk and make friends. The lessons are different than in France. Here we talk a lot. We have good relationships with other students and the teacher. And we improve quickly.

Timothee, 19 from France, studied English in Manchester

Rebuilding confidence together.
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