Students will discover exciting cities, cultural attractions and dramatic landscapes in the UK's four nations

The UK is a small country with good transport links, making it easy for students to visit a variety of destinations during their study trip. Most language centres organise a programme of excursions to help students explore while practicising their English with other students. Students can visit historic and modern cities, famous tourist attractions and filming locations, world-class museums and galleries, or the beautiful mountains, lakes and beaches of the UK’s national parks.


Scotland has historic cities, lively cultural traditions, spectacular train journeys and natural scenery including the Highlands and islands, Cairngorms mountains and famous Loch Ness.

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Wales is famous for its beautiful coastline and mountains, lively cities, and pretty villages. It is the great place for outdoor persuits, with three national parks and more castles per square mile than any other country in Europe.

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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is the smallest of the UK’s four countries. It is home to friendly cities and a dramatic coastline, featuring the incredible Giant’s Causeway which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Many scenes from the TV show Game of Thrones were filmed in the area.

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With cosmopolitan cities, historic landmarks, famous football teams, picturesque villages and modern museums, England is an unmissable country of contrasts for students to explore.

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Unexpected outdoor experiences in British cities

Wild swimming ponds in London, modern sculptures on Liverpool’s coast, or street art trails in Glasgow are just some of the ways to experience a taste of the great UK outdoors.

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Art and culture

Students will find culture in every corner of the UK. Thanks to a dazzlingly rich history, the UK is packed with more literature, arts and culture than you could absorb in a lifetime. There are museums, theatres and attractions in towns and cities all over the country.

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