It’s a great time for students to explore the UK

Canoeing in the Lake District

The UK is open and welcoming students from around the world once more. With life back to normal, it’s a great time for students to improve their English language confidence while exploring a new country.

Tourist attractions, bars and restaurants are all open, and the UK’s English language schools are organising activity programmes and excursions to help students make friends and enjoy new experiences. Watch the video to hear from students who visited the UK to study English this year:

Where can students visit in the UK?

Classic places to visit during a trip to the UK include Oxford, London, Bath, Edinburgh and Stonehenge. And schools will organise local activities to help students explore the region. But if students are looking for something new and unconventional, why not discover another side to the UK?

Check out VisitBritain’s list of 16 unconventional UK experiences, including hot tub cruises, secret cocktail bars, city paddle boarding and graffiti tours.

Travelling to the UK is easy

And remember, travelling is easy now that there are no travel restrictions to come to the UK. Find out more about UK travel.

Do you know someone who wants to study English in the UK soon?

We have lots of information to help you plan the trip.

Many students can study a short course in the UK without needing to apply for a visa before travel. Visit our visa information page to find out who needs a visa to study in the UK.

Not sure what course to choose? Find out about UK study options.