Juniors enjoy Easter programmes in the UK


With life back to normal, junior students have been able to explore the UK this Easter, making new friends from around the world and building their confidence along the way.

Like summer courses, Easter programmes are a great chance for young students to study English, try new activities and experience living in another country.

Here are some posts from UK language schools that welcomed juniors in Easter 2022:

A safe and supported experience in the UK for under 18s

The UK is a world leader in safeguarding young learners. Language centres ensure that young learners are supervised by trained staff at all times during their stay in the UK: in the classroom, at their accommodation, during organised activities, and during the students’ free time.

When language centres are accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English they are inspected to ensure they have robust safeguarding procedures to ensure the wellbeing and protection of all children and teenagers under 18 years old. Read more about how English language schools care for young learners

Travelling to the UK is easy

And remember, travelling is easy now that there are no travel restrictions to come to the UK. Find out more about UK travel.

Do you know someone who wants to study English in the UK soon?

We have lots of information to help you plan the trip.

Many students can study a short course in the UK without needing to apply for a visa before travel. Visit our visa information page to find out who needs a visa to study in the UK.

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