The UK is open – what is life like for international students in 2021?


Life in the UK has been almost ‘back to normal’ since July 2021. Most adults are now fully vaccinated, most restrictions have been lifted, and English language schools in the UK are welcoming students back to their classrooms.

We know many students are excited at the idea of travelling after so long spent at home. But what kind of experience can students expect if they study English in the UK in 2021?

Let’s see what international students have been doing….

English language schools are open and international students are returning

The UK’s English language centres are open again, with Covid safety measures in place to help students feel comfortable.

Class sizes might be a bit smaller at the moment, but new students are arriving, activity programmes are running and students are once again enjoying the experience of living and studying in the UK. Most importantly, they are building confidence by practicing their English language skills with other students and local people. And having lots of fun at the same time.

Museums, galleries and exhibitions are open

All tourist attractions in the UK are open and many of them are free for students to visit, including famous history museums and art galleries. Safety measures are in place in some venues, so you may need to book a time to visit in advance.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour continues to be a student favourite…

Day trips and longer excursions are back too

We’ve all been dreaming of visiting new places. Book an English course in one city and you can visit more UK destinations at the weekend!

One of the many advantages of visiting the UK is you are never far from wonderful day trip options. In the photos below, students studying in Bristol visited Oxford. Maybe they visited Cardiff the following week, or Bath….. or London….or the tiny medieval city of Wells. Adventure options are endless, wherever you study in the UK.

Hotels and hostels are open too, so students can organise longer weekend trips with friends.

Live performances can take place and theatres are reopening their doors

For the ‘culture vultures’: theatre and other live performances are back again. Students can see live music, theatre or dance for a unique cultural experience. Cinemas are also showing new films, with lots of excitement around the new James Bond film.

Lots of English language schools organise cultural trips for students – check out the school’s activity programme to find out what is happening locally.

Football stadiums are calling

Another favourite activity for international students: football games are back on and so are stadium tours. You can watch a local football match or visit a famous Premier League club.

And if being a spectator isn’t enough, there are plenty of ‘English plus football’ courses to choose from.

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